One more year we promote Climathon, this year It will be on 27-29th of October in Seville.

✅ Climathon Seville opens the registration period for participants for this 2023, on 27-29 October Seville will host the fourth edition of Climathon in the city.

🔆 Under the slogan ‘A climate of change against climate change’, Climathon summons that restless and enterprising talent to compete in the creation of new ideas that manage to achieve the thermal comfort that is so often longed for in Seville. These solutions must be sought by focusing on water, vegetation and construction materials.

This new edition, which expects to receive a large number of applications for participation, will once again form interdisciplinary groups that will work for 48 hours to promote projects with a real impact that will reverse the present and future effects of climate change.

From Arena we are very pleased to be able to sponsor the event for another year and to facilitate the communication of the event, trying to give it greater visibility.

Participants do not require any previous preparation or specific training: they only have to be over 18 years old and be aware of the climate cause. Groups of friends, colleagues or classmates can also register directly as a team (maximum five members).

The main objective of Climathon is to raise awareness and mobilise citizens to become “agents of change”. The event serves as a meeting point to find effective solutions that can be applicable in Seville and elsewhere on our planet and accelerate the transition to a climate-resilient and carbon-free society. The urgency of this goal is unquestionable.


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