Our culture


Why do you want to work at Grupo Arena?

Because we are a specialised, responsible company, committed to excellence in our services. We are committed to daily professional development based on the talent of the whole team.

We believe in work-life balance, opportunities for personal and professional growth and constant adaptation to new scenarios. We place special importance on listening to all those who collaborate with us. Every idea counts. We all contribute our training, experience and innovation or ingenuity.

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The work climate is the environment in which daily work is carried out. It is also known as the “work environment”. It is formed by the combination of emotions, personalities and attitudes of the employees working in the same organization. It is directly related to the motivation of all the collaborators or workers who are part of the company.

That is why at Grupo Arena we try to improve every day, to achieve and maintain a good working environment and to involve our employees in every small step we take as a business group.

According to multiple studies, it has been proven that when a person feels valued, listened to and cared for in their current company, they are more willing to face the multiple challenges of their day-to-day tasks and give their best.

In this way, the staff turnover rate decreases, multiple talent leaks, employee demotivation and the maintenance of the culture of presence in the office at any cost are avoided.

At Arena we are proud to have respected and complied with all the security measures against covid19, to have far exceeded all expectations in terms of objectives set at all levels.

Thanks to a magnificent working environment, we have managed to maintain the initial standards of excellence, provide a personalized service to our clients and have a portfolio of contracts in excess of 30M€

If you accept the challenge, you will understand that we try to share our best version, build a better world, care for and promote the culture of sustainability, the environment, and the well-being of people, inside and outside the company

The way we work (Our Philosophy)

Professional development

We have a team made up of professionals with great experience and enthusiasm. Young talents with specific training and motivation. They learn from recognized professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

Balance between professional and personal life

We are committed to the freedom of our employees. We have full confidence in their discipline and involvement, and we promote a work-life balance.


We provide people with a working environment based on trust and mutual commitment. The objectives of the employees and of the company go in a single direction.

Our culture

Corporative culture

We have a company personality based on values, processes, policies and attitudes with a well-recognised pattern. Values such as leadership, freedom or self-management, professional ethics, excellence and dynamism. Others identify us by solidity and trust.

All of these can be summed up in three principles: ethics and responsibility, guarantee and customer service, and respect for the environment.

The values we share help us to grow and share a better world for generations to come.

Our culture

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two key concepts in today’s business world.  Each of these terms defines different but complementary realities.

In the corporate sphere, diversity refers to the presence within an organization of professionals of different age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, ethnicity, culture…

While inclusion is the set of practices taken within the company so that each employee is culturally and socially accepted and treated equally.

The ultimate goal is to create a sense of belonging in which the whole team feels free, valued and respected as individuals.

As they are complementary, diversity and inclusion must be developed together.

It is a question of eliminating accessibility barriers in accordance with current legislation. Inclusion is also worked on through the company’s operating protocols. In this case, at Arena we only and exclusively value talent, experience and motivation for the job, leaving aside any other extra-professional motives, whatever their nature.

That is why we have leaders and senior managers with responsibilities that promote empathetic leadership towards the teams.

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