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Our goal is to become the world`s leading platform for building a more sustainable future

Renewable project management

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Promotion and Development of photovoltaic and wind projects

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Why choose us

We are experts in the integrated management of renewable project for world-class companies.


Recognized for our commitment to the promotion and development of turnkey industrial-scale photovoltaic and wind projects.

Promoters and developers for leading companies in the sector. What sets us apart is our capacity to manage all stages of our clients’ projects, thanks to the impeccable professional track record of our team.

We obtain positive results thanks to the combination of the high qualifications and years of experience of the most senior professionals and managers, combined with the talent and the desire to learn, grow and work that our junior team brings to the table.



In Arena Grupo we have all the tools at our disposal to achieve the objectives set for each and every project.  We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our multidisciplinary team of experts, who are always 100% committed and agile in their work. Our greatest treasure is our capacity for immediate response.

Why choose us

Our activity


The promotion and development of large photovoltaic and wind farms is the main activity of our company.

We are specialists in the development of photovoltaic projects, taking charge and controlling the entire process, starting with the feasibility study and search for suitable sites, and finishing at the “ready to build”. In other words, we perform a ready-to-build service.

Our experience and multidisciplinary team of professionals allows us to approach the development of large solar parks successfully and efficiently.

Our team of professional experts takes charge of initiating the photovoltaic development, searching for the necessary land at a national level, obtaining access to the grid, studying the technical-economic feasibility, as well as the compatibility with the environment. Striving to ensure the success of the project.


Our team is involved from the very beginning to secure the timely management of land acquisition and to establish a dialogue with local groups, associations, organizations, and communities. With an eye to having a positive social impact.

We are committed to society through the promotion and development of clean energies that guarantee a more sustainable world. Our goal is to achieve energy sustainability while generating profitability and savings for our customers, thanks to business relationships based on loyalty, commitment, agility and excellence.

Type of energies

That is why we are committed to three main sources of energy


1. PV

2. H2



Every day we endeavor to find the best solutions and achieve the outcomes that are adapted to the exact needs of our customers. Always through a global vision of the projects, a good response capacity and a personalized treatment, with great attention to detail.


Our team is the perfect combination of desire, enthusiasm and training of the youngest team members, alongside the proven experience and expertise of the most senior professionals. Thanks to these conditions, we have an excellent working environment in which professionals can learn, improve and evolve to take their careers to the next level.


By developing clean energy projects, our business helps preserve the environment for future generations and creates jobs that contribute to the economic well-being of our society. This benefits everybody, whether they live in small towns or a large city.


We look after the environment by betting on sustainable sources of energy, minimizing our impact on the planet and favoring the planting of endangered species.

Public Administration & Governmental Organizations

Every day we work with various government organizations to expedite projects and achieve our common goal of meeting the renewable energy targets set by the Spanish government in the Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030. 

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