Arena Green Assets, the new business line of the Arena Group becomes new partner of AEPIBAL.

ARENA Green Power, as an independent energy producer, is a company in full growth in the field of renewable energies at a national level for the moment, specialising in the promotion and development of photovoltaic and wind energy projects, in battery storage and also starting up hydrogen and hybridisation projects with a portfolio of almost 4 GW.

Through its subsidiary Arena Green Assets, we are committed to the development and creation of new battery storage projects (#StandAlone).
The current portfolio currently includes 400MW for Stand Alone/Storage projects.

The objective of Arena Green Assets is to contribute to the Electricity Market and to be able to provide more structure with Storage as a key player.
In addition to projects throughout the national territory, our vision is to create a more resilient society to the major global changes we face, and we do so with the firm purpose of contributing to the development of a more sustainable society and conscious of our impact on the planet.
We are therefore very grateful to welcome AEPIBAL as partners this year. We will bring all our knowledge and share concerns and synergies in the sector.


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